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21st February: Dino Ribs

My boys, especially the biggest one, are currently obsessed with Dinosaurs. Not just a little bit interested, but quite obsessed. The big one absorbs dino-based facts like a sponge, and not just your common or garden T-Rex or Diplodocus. I’m talking Velociraptors, Epidexipteryx, Carcharodontosaurus…..yup, me neither.

The big one has been known to be a bit of a monkey. He’s not one that sits and colours in benignly, or engages in pleasant chit chat with pensioners. The opposite has been known to occur in fact. “How are you doing little laddy?”…” you’re a poohead” comes the response. Moments like these are common features of my life these days. I blame the mother.

Libraries are hell. Ours has a lovely story train. My boys swing from it like chimpanzees, whilst smug parents of those pallid, ‘indoorsy’ kids look on horrified. We normally last about 4 minutes before I flee with a scamp under each arm. An audible sigh of relief can be heard on our departure. Ssssssshhhhhh.

One such trip was shaping up to be true to form. The big one was examining the Dinosaur section. I was hanging out at the colouring table with some pallid kids and the 2 year old, when he strolled over with a book. “Mum, look, it’s a Brachiosaurus”. The book was indeed entitled “Brachiosaurus”. Had he learnt to read by osmosis? “How can you tell darling?” asks I. “Silly mum, look what he’s eating. Rocks….to aid digestion”. Let me tell you it took all my strength not to jump up and shout “IN YOUR FACE!!” at a particularly smug mum who’d given us the eye. What can I say? The boy’s clearly a genius.

To cooking. I come from a long line of unapologetic carnivores. My nan, nana, dad then me. Now my boys. Couple that with the dino obsession and ribs have become a firm favourite. Bonus, since they’re cheap as chips and easy to prepare.

This time I went with my house marinade. Equal parts Worcester sauce, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and honey, since you’re asking. Bunged into a foil-lined roasting tray (DO NOT FORGET THE FOIL PEOPLE!), cooked on high for 25 mins. This time served with noodles (for he who loves beige), and stir-fried veg – cos we probably ought to.

Happy carnivores all round. A resounding 9/10. RAAAAH!

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  1. gabriella watson

    hey! lay off the pallid indoorsy kids! :0)

  2. I’m just jealous 😉


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