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23rd February: Salmon and Ssshpinach Parcels

Me and He have been together a looong time. Large swathes of that time have been spent on campsites/ferries/ski-lifts (we’ve had a charmed life!), where we’ve had to ‘pass the time on’ as He would say. We invent silly games and quizzes. Our favourite, ‘Guess how I died’ was a high point.

On a particularly dull day, we did a quiz containing questions such as: ‘What’s your favourite tinned soup?’ ‘What’s your favourite dried pulse?’ and, His favourite, ‘What’s your favourite meat/condiment combo?’…. Roast Beef and Horseradish as it goes. How the evenings fly by!

So, I hear you ask, what’s my favourite frozen vegetable? Spinach, most definitely spinach.

My 2 year old has issues with vegetables. I have become the dragon warrior of veggie disguise – more of that later. Frozen spinach comes in those handy little cubes. Don’t tell my kids but I throw them into EVERYTHING. The fusspot doesn’t seem to have noticed. We have Shrek Macaroni Cheese, Shrek Moussaka, Shrek Fish Pie….you get the picture…

Today was a beautiful spring-like day. After a long winter and last week’s plague confinement, I was literally gambolling around the village. What to make for tea?? The weather said BBQ, but my winter-conditioned body said carbs. I decided to go with a firm favourite in our house and made some cute little salmon pasties.

A couple of salmon fillets, baked, then mixed into mashed potato. Add butter, cream cheese, cheddar, lemon zest and, you guessed it, some trusty spinach. Squished into some ready rolled puff pastry and baked for 20 mins. For the grown ups I add spring onions and parsley too.

As the fusspot unwittingly wolfs down the spinachy goodness, I stifle my evil villain laugh. 8/10. Mua ha ha.




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  1. What a lovely blog you’ve got. Must write on mine one of these days. Our favourite ways of passing the time are ‘Cheese 20 questions’ and ‘Bed Charades’. Bed Charades is not rude, it is just audio-described, so suitable for playing in the dark. It could equally well be called Car Charades, but it was invented in bed, so there you go.

  2. Haha, thanks very much Kate. Other people’s games always make me chuckle!! Am intrigued by ‘cheese 20 questions’! Will have a gander at your blog when I get a min!


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