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14th March: Homemade KFC

Did a little bit of sick come into your mouth when you read the title?? I’m really sorry…
I’m not some sort of nutritionist. I like making nice things of course, but I also like eating crap.
KFC is just nasty. I do know this. But I’ve been hooked on the stuff since the buckets were red&stripey and it was called by its full name. So that’s probably not going to stop anytime soon.

He comes from a big family. He will eat literally anything. By His telling, this is because if he didn’t, someone else would hoover up his tea and he’d be left hungry.

Two exceptions….can you tell where I’m going with this one?….

Parsnips, although to be fair he still eats them anyway. And fried or breaded chicken. Gives him indigestion apparently??

I know you’re wondering ” why did they even get together?”. Somehow we managed to work around the fried chicken problem. That said, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t rear its head once in a while.
I’ll be pregnant, or hungover (never both I can assure you!). My body screams for some deep fried salty goodness. “I’ll just make us some pasta” he says, all pious.
“NO!! It just won’t do” I scream like some petulant 4 year old. Invariably he tells me to drive and get myself some, but he’ll be fine with pasta. I may sob a bit. Then we have pasta. Harrumph.

I’d read a Guardian article a while back, about how the ’11 herbs and spices’ secret had been leaked and had been meaning to try the recipe for ages. I had taken the sprogs for a day out, fully intending to stuff them full of rubbish at lunch, but they defied me and asked for sandwiches and fruit. More fool them.

This did mean, however, that I could defer the junk stuffing til tea…so I decided to go for it.

The chicken pieces are poached in milk for 20 minutes, then coated in the secret herby flour, then fried for 2 minutes until crisp and brown.

They looked just like they ought to. Happy happy me! Two bonuses of doing it yourself are that you can use ‘nice’ chicken, and you can keep dabbing it with kitchen roll to remove some of the alarming amounts of oil.

I serve it a la colonel, with chips, sweetcorn cobs, coleslaw and beans. And the verdict? Very very nice. Not quite there, but that may be because I substituted at least 3 of the 11 ingredients for what I had in my cupboard. I also left out the MSG. I will enjoy tweaking it over time.

But what of Pope Pius, I hear you cry? I couldn’t quite face feeding the baby fried chicken – so her and her peculiar daddy had the intended chicken casserole instead. He’s at the pub for the evening – not so healthy now are we dear?

Salty crispy yumminess: 8/10.





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  1. The Colonel would be proud! Did I say Colonel? Sorry I meant Hadders. Home made KFC – surely another tick off his bucket list šŸ˜‰

  2. If you guys ever come for a visit, I promise to make it for Hadders! Not my most healthy culinary moment by a long shot, but damn that was some tasty chicken šŸ˜‰ xx


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