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16th March: Mama’s Meatballs

Does anyone shop in a certain budget supermarket? I go through phases of thinking it’s a good idea. It is remarkably cheap. But, oh, the indignity of it.

For starters, they don’t do a double trolley. Ergo, both boys are free. Bad news.

Secondly, it’s full of the grumpiest old people known to man. People who would clearly drive 10 miles out of their way to save 20p on a loaf of bread.

These people hate children. The Big One plays a game whereby he sees how many people he can get to wave back at him. There? Nada. Niente. Zip. Miseries.
They sort of hiss at the boys if they wander in front of their trolleys. Their glower says “get out of my way you little git, you’re going to make me 10 seconds late to get my cherry bakewells….and stop waving at me”.

The checkouts are hell. You load up the conveyor belt, the grouchy till man pelts your goods at you as fast as he possibly can, you then pay and wheel your stuff over to the bench where you get it all back out again to pack. It’s a workout. A really crap, demeaning one.

This time, the Fusspot was posing some of his life-pondering questions, very loudly, as we waited in the queue. I was limbering up, getting ready to have my weekly shop thrown at me in record time. And to pay (admittedly a very reasonable sum) for the privilege. He sticks his hand down my top and loudly proclaims, “milk comes out of your boobies”. “yes son, milk did come out of there” says I in panicked whisper. Bakewell Doris is glaring at me. “you grow babies in your tummy” he shouts. “yes darling”…”YOU MAGIC MUMMY!!”. I can’t be sure, it may have been a trick of the light, but I think even Doris cracked a smile…

To food, meatballs tonight. Another Nigella one this, and a real winner with my brood. Beef and/or Pork (I prefer just pork) mince, mixed with Parmesan, breadcrumbs, egg, garlic, oregano. Rolled into small balls and cooked in a tomato sauce. The sauce is onion, garlic, oregano, thyme (I obviously sneak in some carrot), cooked in olive oil and butter. Add passata and a bit of milk before adding in the meat. Served with spaghetti.

The boys do a most excellent Lady and the Tramp impression, and all three devour the whole lot.
That’s magic. 10/10.




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  1. It may be cheap and the worst packing experience in all of retail but where else can you pick up your groceries along with a 64 piece socket set, cycling lycra, the magical v-slicer and a torch with the power of A Million Candles (probably need to get onto trading standards about that last item)?
    We are thoroughly enjoying this new form of web based media…..I have had blog withdrawal over weekend….thank goodness for the Monday installment!!! Forza Mama!!!

    • *blush* cheers mart, I’m glad someone’s enjoying my verbal diarrhoea! Haha to the socket set, Lycra etc. we have many many Crane garments in our Outdoors wardrobe. You can’t buy that sort of class. Oh wait, yes you can, along with your 39p onions šŸ˜‰ xx

  2. Fabulously entertaining blog – especially when you know the participants! It’s true there’s a certain type of shopper in this particular four letter store……..I have yet to see any shopper younger than me, and as for children, toddlers or heaven forbid infants I think they must get sucked into a time capsule in the car park only to be regurgitated on parental or more likely grandparental exit from the store. Bravo darling girl.


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