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6th April: Festive Fish Pie

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Have you ever tried explaining the Passion of Christ to preschoolers? I wouldn’t recommend it. My darling husband likes to turn on the religion over Easter. Quite apt of course. But the sombre tone he tries to strike is somewhat at odds with the kids’ images of smiling bunnies and their baskets full of chocolatey treats. Today is Good Friday and He is trying to keep a sort of reflective, quiet atmosphere in the house. No boozing or feasting. He makes the schoolboy error of trying to explain the relevance of this day to them, telling the boys all about Jesus and the crucifixion.

If the intent was to make them quietly reflect on the great sacrifice in awe and stunned silence….then it was a fail. A tale involving a man actually being nailed to a cross brings out my little darlings’ bloodlust. “But HOW did he actually die daddy?” “Was it because he didn’t have any food?”. They examine a picture in amazement. He gives up on the sombre tone and pours himself some wine, regaling them both with the details. Their eyes like saucers imagining it all.

But I was struggling to feel sombre anyway, I am in celebratory mood. We go to the airport to welcome my younger sister home from her adventures in Australia. The boys waggle their handcrafted signs hopefully at anyone who’ll look. I’m not sure quite how they think their Aunty might have morphed into a middle-aged Arabic businessman, but hey ho. She finally steps through the doors looking gorgeous and tanned.

Although it feels like a blink in my sleep-deprived brain, it has been a few months since we saw her. It’s like a piece of my jigsaw is put back in place, and so lovely to know that she’s home and happy and safe. We sit for a quick catch up. The boys only cause a couple of minor security breaches as they rampage around the terminal building.

With a week of Easter treats, family reunions and birthdays ahead, I am in happy spirits. I join Him in a glass of wine and cook a massive festive fish pie for our tea. My recipe is an amalgamation of Delia and Nigella. Nigelia if you will. I poach the fish in a bit of white wine with some carrots, bay leaves and celery. Then make a sauce from butter, leeks, flour. I add the poaching juices and some milk before pouring over the fish. I also add in some prawns, spinach (of course!) and some hardboiled eggs before topping with mash and cheese.

Comfort food of the highest order. A couple of glasses of wine and some gory crucifixion chat later, we are rocking out to Jesus Christ Superstar. I never said we were cool.

Happy Easter everyone! 10/10.





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