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5th May: Fusspot turns 3!

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Sleep deprivation and accompanying tales of woe appear to have become my Schtick.

However, today’s tale is a happy one. My little fusspot’s third birthday.

Of our three offspring, he is the one that has caused us the most worry. Even his arrival was traumatic. We spent the first year of his life camped out at the doctor’s surgery, in and out of various clinics and hospitals. All he has to do now is gip on a bit of badly-chewed sandwich, and me and He are immediately transported back to those early days of stress, anxiety and blind panic. Relaxing? Not very.

The odd bit of gipping aside, he has made amazing progress. He is now a completely, beautifully, boringly ordinary three year old. Yippeeee!

Days like this call for celebration. We hire a hall and a bouncy castle and invite some lovely friends and family. We enjoy throwing a good shindig. How else do you get to have loads of the people you love in one place?

Us being us, all does not quite go to plan. By tea time the day before the party, all three kids are on different antibiotics. Various freaky mouth germs resulting in sore throats, swollen gums, hacking coughs. No one is sleeping, especially not me and Him. It’s all looking bleak. Best laid plans and all that…

We toy with cancelling. But Fusspot is so looking forward to it and it just feels wrong to break his little birthday heart. I send out a text to the invitees to put them in the picture. Most say they’ll still come. Happy days. We decide to go for it.

The big day arrives, pressies ripped open, sandwiches made, cupcakes iced and it’s off to the party. 20 Pirates and Princesses have a blast. And it’s a very proud feeling to see our lovely Fusspot chuffed to bits with himself, in his pirate garb, rocking out to Agadoo with an eight-foot lion 🙂

Not much cooking I’m afraid. This being the Fusspot’s dream party lunch, it’s clearly crisps, cheese and sausages all the way. I do manage to bake him a Treasure Chest Cake. Not my finest culinary moment but at least it tasted nice.

I used Nigella’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe. As I lather on the chocolate buttercream, it starts to crumble and break off. It’s all a bit much for my frayed nerves. I feel on the cusp of having a ‘cakedown’ as my youngest sister-in-law might say. I surprise myself with my cool. I hide it in the fridge and deal with it in a mature fashion in the morning. Impressive if you know my temperament!

The kids and the eight-foot lion follow the Treasure Hunt clues. X marks the spot and the treasure chest cake is eventually discovered. Fusspot seems delighted with my ham-fisted artistry. And, to be honest, I’m totally delighted with him. Happy happy day. 10/10.









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  1. The cake looks great! I’ve used that recipe quite a few times, it’s a winner isn’t it!
    Belated Happy BIrthday to your Fusspot.


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