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24th May: Moussaka

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Out of the mouth of babes…

Kids are great. They really do not give a hoot about social niceties. It’ s enviable really.

If I want a lolly, and you don’t give me one, I’m going to scream. I may tell you that I don’t like you, that I don’t want to be your friend. I will then throw something at you and stomp off.

How refreshing to live like that. I’m fairly sure that’s the reason little kids have such a carefree attitude. No angst. No bottling things up. Just rant and rave. Maybe even get your own way cos your mum just wants you to shut the hell up and stop humiliating her in public wants an easy life. Then…you’re done. Moodie over. Aggression released. Let’s move on….

Perhaps we should all try it. I’ll bet we’d feel better for it. Never mind the lip biting, clenched jaw when someone is truly peeing you off. Just kick them in their shins and snatch their sweets. Then laugh when they start crying. Brilliant.

The Big One has taken a lesson from Roy Walker. “Say what you see”.

“why is that lady in a wheelchair? Why is she making those noises? She’s a funny lady”

“that man has a big belly, doesn’t he mum?” he did

“Is that a man or a lady?”

this, in a very clear voice at the checkout. The lady (for it was a she, I think), was one of those thin, short haired types in her 70s. Jeans, Regatta walking jacket. Not butch by any stretch. Just totally androgynous. Her matching husband was clearly outside in the Nissan Bluebird, wearing matching clothes.

It was a good call. I mean she could have put on a bit of lippy. Or maybe some stud earrings. It was only the fact that the jacket was lilac that I felt I could answer relatively confidently.

“it’s a lady of course my darling” I chuckled nervously.

“but she looks like grandad” he hollered.

The tumbleweed rolled though the shop as my cheeks burned. Thanks son.

Summer appears to have made a fleeting arrival. For some reason I think Moussaka is summery. Maybe because I’ve eaten it on my hols in Greece.

I’ve always used Delia’s recipe. It’s gorgeous and I don’t see any reason to change it.
Onions, garlic and lamb mince browned in olive oil. Add in a glass white wine and some tomato purée, some chopped parsley and a bit of cinnamon. Clearly I lob in some spinach for good measure.

You’re meant to do the aubergines properly. Salt them, griddle them etc. I never quite have time for that so I slice them and roast them in a hot oven for 20 mins instead. To pad it out, I blast some sliced potato in the microwave for a bit. Then layer everything up before pouring over a white sauce with 2 eggs stirred in. Cover with grated cheese and bake for 40 mins.

Labour intensive but always a winner. I’m off to put some makeup on before someone else’s 4 year old asks loudly if I’m a man….or a granny. 8/10.






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