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6th August: Cupcake of Champions

What have you done today to make you feel proud??

Well Heather Small. Thanks for asking.

I’ve done the weekly shop. I’ve tidied my house after a weekend of visitors. I’ve been a calm and serene mother in spite of my children’s best efforts to thwart my Mary Poppins-esque persona.

Ooh, and I made a giant cupcake.

That any good for you?

We are, like many of you I’m sure, in the grip of Olympic Fever. Never before have I spent so many days glued to the telly. Cheering on people I’ve never heard of, in sports to which I have simply no idea of the rules. Bandying about words like Ippon and repechage like an old pro. The children chattering excitedly about Cav and Wiggo.

I like to think of myself as a natural optimist. I was feeling irritated by all the negos, giving lip about how much it all costs and how pointless it all was. But. Deep down I was fully expecting the games to be a total British shambles. Peeing rain, security scares, traffic chaos. Horse-toothed toffs with bad dress sense appearing on tellies the world over, giving us all a bad name.

But no. So far, they’ve been utterly brilliant.

On Super Saturday, we sit with some friends noshing an amazing Thai takeaway. We all watch awestruck as three GB athletes take gold. As we admire Jess Ennis’s washboard stomach, I tell myself mine would be similar if it wasn’t for the fact that I am currently hoofing down a Grab Bag of Cadbury’s Eclairs I’d so recently had three babies.

Possibly a little hormonal, I feel weepy with pride as the stadium crowd belt out ‘God Save The Queen’. Not in a footbally way. Just in a 80,000 people singing joyously kind of a way.

“Inspiring A Generation” is the Olympic slogan. Doubtless the athletes are doing that for many young people across the country. But, in our house at least, they seem to have inspired a generation of middle-aged parents to grab their spare tyre of flab and sob as they eat toffees. All the while possibly doing some mental maths to calculate which Olympics their kids will win Gold in. Event to be decided, but here’s hoping that by 2028 they’ve made whinging, scrapping and toy-smashing Olympic sports. In which case, watch your back Chris Hoy.

On one of my desperate trips to that budget supermarket *shudder*, I buy a giant silicone cupcake mould. In the vain hope that it will fill an hour or two with the excitable offspring.

Interesting how differently you view the school holidays now you’re no longer of school age. 6 weeks of watching telly, riding bikes, pestering your older brother stretching out ahead of you…in reality it’s trying desperately to amuse warring siblings, trying to find something cheap and suitable for everyone to do in dire weather.

Today was baking then. We make the massive cupcake, fill it with jam & buttercream and decorate it with Hershey chocolates. Gold medal winning novelty confection.

I’m off to do some sit ups and referee the fight breaking out on the trampoline. Ooh, trampolining is an Olympic sport isn’t it….interesting…. C’mon kids….BOUNCE!







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