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15th November: Gok’s Garlic Chicken

Sentences You Thought You’d Never Hear Yourself Say

That is your plate, not a hat

Why is your tea behind the radiator?

Don’t hit your sister with a rat please.

I think drawing on paper is better than drawing on your face.

It is the middle of the night. It is sleepy time….NOT xylophone time.

Yes you can come into the shop. But if you eat any of that bread again, I’ll take the pennies out of your piggy bank.

Why have you weed on your brother’s feet?!

Why have you pooed on your brothers’ floor?

The next one of you to say boobies, bummy or poo will be sitting on the naughty step.

Stop! We do NOT put toothbrushes up our bottoms!!

Go and tell Daddy to bring me some wine.

You will be unsurprised to hear that chaos still reigns here. Having one at school has had the opposite effect to the one I envisaged. Now I have two bored, displaced little ones for most of the day. Unaccustomed to having to think for, or amuse, themselves. That’s what big bro has always done for them.

Then the return.

Three hours of whooping, hollering and scrapping as they are reunited – overtired and overexcited. But, entre nous, I am actually thrilled when all three of my munchkins are tearing about together again. And so what if gin o’clock has moved forward an hour?

There seems to be a theme with my favourite cookbooks. In that, the cooks whose books I love reading the most are the ones I can least bear to watch on telly. Nigel Slater with his weird rubbery face, earnestly talking about beetroot. Nigella with her Botox, soirees with ‘friends’ and all the cheeky spoon licking.

Latest on my list is Gok Wan. I couldn’t bring myself to watch his Chinese cookery show for fear I’d put my foot through the telly. “Fie-erce noodles girlfriend” GAH!! But. After many friends recommended it, I put his book on my wishlist. And it’s awesome. Easy homely recipes. I’ve made a few now and they are easy and at least 20 times better than a takeaway. Recommended.

We started with his Garlic Chicken. Cut 4 chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces. In a separate bowl, season 2 tbsp cornflour. Dust the chicken with the flour. Heat some groundnut oil in a wok and fry the coated chicken in batches until golden. Set aside and wipe wok clean with some kitchen roll.

Add some more oil to the wok, add 4 cloves sliced garlic and 3 spring onions cut into batons. Stir fry for a couple of minutes. Add 2tbsp dry sherry (or rice wine if you have), 2tbsp soy sauce and a pinch each of sugar and white pepper. Heat through. The sauce should be treacly. Return the chicken to the pan and coat with the sauce. Serve with rice or noodles and some carrot ribbons if you’re feeling fancy.

What a hit! The kids were rhapsodising about it. I was slightly annoyed they liked it so much as my portion took a hit. Never mind, I’m sure I’ll be making it again! FI-ERCE 10/10 😀







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  1. Love the last photo! Will be trying this recipe yum!


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